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10 Ways To Stop Gambling in 2022

Stop gambling

Gamecrot.com10 Ways To Stop Gambling in 2022

In this day and age, many people are addicted to playing online gambling, both from young people to adults.

The rise of online gambling that is scattered on the internet, makes some people who fall into gambling, the original intention is, it's just a fad, eh even addicted hehe.

Here I do not mean to teach you all, but invite you to the right path.

Just think about it! How much wealth and money have you finished playing gambling?

Maybe it doesn't count, hehe, indeed stopping gambling is not an easy thing, many even have repented playing gambling, but when they have money they play gambling again.

Remember how long are you going to be like this?, what the admin is upset about, you are playing only to make the bookies rich, try here to prove that you are a rich person from gambling.

Yes, indeed there are people who win big playing gambling, try checking in the next year, there is still no money, if my instincts are going to run out again in gambling hehe.

Impact of Playing Online Gambling:

1. Stress

Are you often stressed?

Yes, of course it's stressful if you lose playing gambling, try it if you win, definitely while smiling and reading this, wow.

Many gambling players who are stressed due to playing online gambling, usually these gambling players, experience big losses, even to the point of having a lot of debt.

So that the player becomes stressed, now stress is the most dangerous impact, many gambling players lose their minds when they have lost playing, and are even willing to sell goods to return to gambling.

2. Be Lazy

As a result of often getting money instantly through online gambling, many online gambling players become lazy whether it is looking for money or other things.

This impact is very risky, especially if you are a married person and have children.

Remember playing gambling does not make you rich, if you keep playing, you will become more and more destroyed.

3. Have a lot of debt

Now there is no such thing as a gambling player who does not have debt, even based on 80% of mimin data research, gambling players have debts as a result of playing gambling.

Well, you already know the effects of playing gambling, right?

Effective Ways to Stop Playing Gambling

1. Get close to God

One way to stop gambling is to approach God, ask for directions and don't forget to pray.

And if you can join the recitation, in order to get guidance and instructions, then God willing, you can stop gambling.

2. Cultivate Strong Intentions In You

There is no one who can stop you from gambling, even if your wife is, therefore, it is important that you instill a strong intention to stop gambling.

Many of these gamblers who repent are not serious, when they run out of money, they regret asking for forgiveness, and swearing not to play gambling, and when they have money, they play again.

And so on hehe, so to stop gambling, depends on yourself.

3. Delete History Related to Gambling

Now to eliminate the impact of playing gambling, you delete everything related to gambling, be it the history of gambling sites, history on YouTube or others.

By deleting this history, God willing, you will lose the addiction to gambling.

4. Delete Mbangking or Don't Use ATM Cards

Don't be the only one, namely removing your mbangking, by deleting your mbangking, you will find it more difficult to play gambling, and if you can break your atm card, and don't use the atm card again.

That way you are more able to resist the desire to play gambling.

5. Ask Your Partner for Help

If you have a good partner, girlfriend or wife, try to be honest with your partner.

Well later, your partner will support and help you stop gambling.

6. Remember the Future

Now remember bro, how long do you want to play gambling?, until you get rich? Or until all the money runs out hehe.

Gambling only makes you poor and ruins your future, this is not an opinion but based on facts on the ground.

My suggestion is to think about the future, if you are still playing gambling, just remember what Mimin said, life will be ruined.

7. Remember Your Family

For gambling players who are married, try to pay attention to your wife or child, do you have the heart to see your wife's child starving?

Or don't you feel sorry for your wife working to earn money for daily meals?

Think about it, you spend millions, even tens of millions in gambling, while your wife works all day, just looking for tens of rupiah for the necessities of life.

This is what mimin is upset about, think about it in your heart, and look at your family at home, how long are you going to play gambling?

8. Accept Your Defeat

By letting go of defeat, God willing, you can stop playing gambling, many gambling players are not willing to lose playing gambling.

Even willing to spend all his possessions, to get his losing money.

As a result, instead of being able to, all money and assets are used up, even to the point of having a lot of debt.

So, if you are new to playing, don't be like that, and immediately stop playing gambling, otherwise your life will be ruined and you will have a lot of debt.

Message for you

Hopefully you can stop gambling, and can live a carefree life, if you stop gambling, I'm sure one day your money will come back again.

"The Biggest Victory Is Quitting Gambling"