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FIFA Mobile 22 : How to Increase EXP Level Quickly


How to Increase EXP Level Quickly - How to Increase EXP Level Quickly in FIFA Mobile, 2022 Game Update

For Beginners When playing this game really want a fast level increase, the higher the level, the more interesting it is when playing soccer.

After understanding from the Demo or the command when logging in for sure we will crave more experience, high levels determine our experience when playing.

In FIFA Mobile there will be approximately 15,000 players and many Clubs that we can try out, we can even create our own team to be able to take part in competitions or events that are held regularly in this game.

When our level is high, there are more and more competitions that can be followed, here's how to increase the Exp Level in the FIFA Mobile Soccer game:

1. Complete Challenges in Live Event, Attack mode, and Season.

2. Beginners should first complete the Live Event and Attack mode

3. Beginner's stamina is only 10 and also if you

4. Win will get 10xp per match with 1 stamina.

5. If you have managed to reach Level 5, it is recommended to add a Season because 1 match gets 20xp and 800 coins but Stamina used is 3, quite balanced