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FIFA MOBILE 22 : How to Increase Player Stamina


How to Increase Player Stamina - How to Increase the Stamina of the Latest FIFA Mobile Players 2022

In this article, the admin wants to share some tips to increase player stamina and also how to save stamina when playing fifa mobile games.

When we play soccer games, especially when we don't change players at all, the stamina of that player will decrease. The more often you use the player, the stamina will be very drained. The ability to run will be clearly weakened and when the body charge will always lose.

This is because there are two possibilities that the player is weak or has poor stamina, even too often used in every match. When a player experiences this, the main solution is to immediately make a substitution to avoid defeat from the fatigue experienced by the player.

What is quite risky is that when the idolized player in the team experiences down stamina, of course it will create panic itself.

Need an instant way or refill the player's stamina, here are the ways or steps that must be tried:

- Waiting every 10 minutes will get 1 Stamina automatically

- Level up, every time the player's Stamina Level increases again, it will be Full

- Full Stamina Live Event, not available every time.

- By buying with real money or Top UP, by clicking the + . icon