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FIFA Mobile 22 : How To Play Multiplayer With Friends

How To Play Multiplayer With Friends in fifa mobile 22 - How To Play Multiplayer With Friends In FIFA Mobile, Game Update 2022

After we understand how to play this soccer game or even have high confidence to often experience victory when playing.

Of course we will try to experience or challenge ourselves to be able to compete 1 vs 1 with colleagues or friends.

When doing a match or we can call it Friendly Match with friends, we compete using the team we created, while our friends use their own team.

This is an extraordinary point to be able to spar or compete with other people in order to avoid the boredom of playing only against the computer or online opponents.

There is a point of excitement when successfully playing with friends, the joy of joking will appear when playing this FIFA Mobile game, just like we play Playstation but different on the platform used.

Here's how to play Multiplayer in the FIFA Mobile game, here are the steps:

1. First login to Facebook

2. Go to Attack Mode

3. Click Friends

4. New Games

5. Play