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How to Get Noob and Bot Enemies in Rank Mobile Legends 2022


How to Get Noob & Bot Enemies in Rank Mobile Legends 2022 - How to Get Noob & Bot Enemies in Rank Mobile Legends 2022

Many ML players find it difficult to raise stars in rank, it turns out that after the admin asked, the average player uses techniques, namely playing with weak enemies (noobs) and some even get bot enemies in the mobile legends rank.

Maybe you've seen account jockey services, which are easy to raise stars in rank, now these jockeys don't just rely on skills and teams, because as good as you play, you will definitely find better players.

By getting bot and noob enemies, I'm sure, you can easily raise stars in the rank.

In this article, Mimin will share some tricks or ways to get weak enemies or bots.

Understanding Bots in Mobile Legends

Bots are players who come from computers, at first, these players were created to complete the team that was lacking, because when the mobile legend game was released, it didn't have many players, therefore the mobile legends created bot players.

Understanding Noob in Mobile Legends

Noob or what is defined as a beginner is a player who does not understand how to play mobile legends, usually the player is playing for the first time in Mobile legends.

After you know the difference between noob and bot players, now for the tricks, the admin has summarized, you can see and read below.

How to Get Bot & Noob Enemies in Rank Mobile Legends 2022

1. Using a VPN

The fact is that many players play using vpn, so usually these players target countries that are still noobs.

Maybe you've met players from the country of Myanmar, now that country has a lot of noob, or toxic players.

That way you can win the game easily and quickly.

2. Face To Face ML

Face to Face is one of the newest features in the mobile legends game, this feature serves to get enemies and teams.

It turns out that the face to face feature can be used to get noob or bot enemies, by entering 4 number codes, you will find weak enemies.

There are several face to face codes that you can use to get bot and nob enemies, below.

Enemy Code Bot Or Noob Face to Face ML 2022:

- 1231

- 1450

- 7799

- 8090

- 1232

- 1235

- 1122

- 4321

- 3212

- 4050

- 8767

- 9018

- 1449

- 1990

- 1991

- 1740

- 1850

- 1280

- 6809

- 9090

- 1890

- 8707


Some questions that will be asked regarding the article "how to get a noob or bot opponent in mobile legends, you can see in the Q&A below:

1. What is a Bot Player in Mobile Legends?

Bot Player is a player who plays like a computer, a bot player is almost the same as a noob player, but the difference is that a noob player plays seriously, while a bot player plays toxic, even playing like an enemy in a team.