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Mobile Legends : Recommended Hero Exp Lane In 2022 - Recommended Hero Exp Lane, Update Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends is the most popular game today, this one game has many events such as MPL, MPLI, and M Series.

In this article, I will share some recommended heroes for the exp lane in 2022.

Every time we play Mobile legends, of course there is a passionate desire to win every match, every war, even every public word mechanical battle that we often hear today.

Associated with a mechanical fight or skill strength competition of each hero or Mobile Legend character, surely each lane meets each other, one hero meets another hero or we know by one it is called a mechanical fight, the lane in Mobile Legend consists of 3 Lanes are Gold Lane, Mid Lane, and EXP Lane.

For EXP Lane, because there are many thick heroes or tanks in this lane, it requires exp for opening skills quickly so that they can help friends in Mid Lane when the war is going on, sometimes we see Exp Lane hero proplayers are needed for War Initiators other than tanks, to target dive in enemies , or for cover our core.

The following heroes must be tried in Classic Mode, or Ranked for EXP Lane:

1. Youzhong

His passive when by one makes it easy to get regen heal from enemies, and the ultimate dragon can dive in the enemy or aim backwards to hit the enemy's core to separate the opponent's teamfight.

2. Ruby

This hero is very useful when teamfight is busy, especially for the ultimate CC can attract the enemy we are looking for plus the slow effects of skills 1 and 2, making it easier to win team wars, most ruby ​​users definitely use tank build items for war initiators because Ruby is the Queen of Lifestyle .

3. Paquito

This mandatory hero is very deadly in the Exp Lane, from early or late game the poking damage is terrible, and every skill when good at using it can lock the enemy's core easily and add combo skills.

4. Lapu-lapu

This hero when he opens ultimate he is anti the enemy's burst damage, quite worth using when lock mage or enemy mm.

In addition to the recommended heroes above, we can use tank heroes such as Gloo, Hylos, Balmond, Belerick, to counter other Exp heroes, we must be good at calculating enemy draft picks, don't get hung up on overpowered heroes now. 

When you win in Exp Lane, there is a winning capital for the next teamfight, we as Exp Lane holders must dare to open war and target the opponent's important hero.