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Mobile Legends : How to Meet Bot Enemies, Noobs in Rank/Classic 2022 - How to Meet Bot Enemies, Noobs in ML 2022 Rank

Mobile Legends (MLBB) is one of the most popular types of moba games around the world.

What are Bots?

Bot is a player that comes from a computer, originally a bot player was created to complete the match when playing ML.

What is Noob?

Noob is a beginner player who doesn't understand how to play Ml, usually noobs play carelessly.

In this article, Mimin will review how to get bot or noob enemies when playing ranked on mobile legends in 2022.

There are several tricks that you can use to get bot or noob opponents, below we have summarized them.

How to Meet Bot Enemies, Noobs in MLBB 2022 Rank

1. Using a VPN

This first method is widely used by ml players to get bot enemies, by changing the target country, to a country that has a lot of noob or bot players, such as Myanmar.

2. Using Face To Face Code

The Face to Face feature is widely used to get noob enemies, by entering a certain code, you can find bot or noob players.

So, below are some bot codes, the latest noob face to face ML:

- 1231

- 1340

- 1230

- 1450

- 1350

- 1235

- 1243

- 1223