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Tips and Tricks to Play FIFA Mobile In 2022 - Tips and Tricks to Play FIFA Mobile In 2022

FIFA Soccer is a soccer game similar to PES, quite popular and much loved by many people, including football lovers or Football Lovers for the Indonesian scale.

Like other games whose goal is to play it to achieve goals, create your own dream team to be able to experience when you successfully download this soccer game.

With many interesting features, it is enough to make football game lovers not bored, armed with many players such as Klyan Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo to Messi, we can enter into our Set Up Dream Team.

We can 1 vs 1 against other players, like other games that can use mainstay clubs to compete.

Here's an explanation of how to play FIFA Mobile Soccer

1. Make sure you have downloaded FIFA Mobile Soccer on the cellphone you are using

2. Need Connection to Login, because this game is Online

3. Open the game, later you will be directed or Demo when Opening Game is like an order to shift a scroll and that is your age. Please scroll to the number where your age is.

4. Then you will be invited or served to fill in the name of your team. Fill in as desired and of course no more than 12 characters.

5. Next is a Demo to choose the chrest or jersey and the team logo that you will use. Choose a team that has not been widely used so that there are no similarities with other players.

6. You will enter the main menu and will immediately be presented with training, follow demos or commands to make it easier to play the characters of this game.