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Best Build For Marsha Tank MLBB In 2022


Best Build For Marsha Tank MLBB In 2022 - Best Build For Marsha Tank MLBB In 2022

Masha who is one of the heroes who gets quite a lot of buffs from Moonton. Seeing the potential that Masha can give, many pro players and even the public have started using Masha. Because of this, Masha's best build items are often sought after.

Since the patch was made, in MPL ID Season 9 Masha has become a very popular hero, since her appearance in the ONIC Esports match against Rebellion Zion, Masha has always been the pick or the choice for the various competing teams.

As you know, Masha used to be used more often to fill EXP Lane, but thanks to a new update that allowed her to have 3 lines of HP, Masha became very thick and hard to kill. Thanks to this, Masha is now more often used as a roamer.

Moonton also buffs damage from Masha's ultimate, this update makes Masha's ultimate damage calculation calculated based on the value of her HP. This means that the thicker Masha's HP, the greater the damage that will be given.

Thanks to Masha's enormous HP and damage. Now Masha is the featured roamer hero in this META. Likewise with the effects of items that make it stronger.

In response to this, well-known roamers in MPL ID S9 such as Kiboy, Vynnn, and Vall have proven how strong Masha is. By using Masha roamer they have managed to bring victory to their respective teams.

Masha, who gets such a buff, now really needs a lot of HP, therefore Masha is currently using build defense more often. This will affect his ability to clear minions in EXP Lane.

Meanwhile, with a high HP, Masha can invade enemy jungle areas, even with her huge damage even in build defense, it's not impossible that you can kill enemy heroes.

So how do you build the best Masha item? For the build of Masha roamer itself, there are not many variations, on average those who use Masha roamer will use the following items:

Here is the best Build Item for Masha roamer:

1. Tough Boots / Warrior Boots 

2. Guardian Helmet

3. Twilight Armor

4. Cursed Helmet

5. Blade Armor

6. Athena Shield / Radiant Armor

For her own emblem, Masha can use the Unbending Will fighter emblem. The side effects that can be produced by the emblem really match Masha's passive. In addition to the fighter emblem, you can also use the Concussive Blast tank emblem.

Well, that's it guys, the best build for Masha roamer, for the gameplay itself, you can try to pay attention to the games from the pro players.