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How to Fix Mobile Legends Win Rate In 2022 - How to Fix Mobile Legends Win Rate In 2022

Win Rate is one of the most important references commonly used by many users to judge Mobile Legends players whether they have good skills or vice versa.

Players must know beforehand that this win rate is divided into 2, namely the overall win rate and the win rate for each hero that players use when playing Mobile Legends.

There are several ways you can do to improve the win rate in Mobile Legends, namely by winning classic or ranked matches.

But players must also note that the method that Ulingame will explain requires extra effort for players to apply. Here’s how to fix the win rate that players have to do below.

What is Win Rate ?

Mobile Legends is one of the games that relies on strategy and teamwork when the match takes place. In fact, pro players always have their own technical calculations when playing with one team squad.

A plan that has been carefully calculated by pro players is Win Rate. Win Rate will be targeted as an achievement to achieve the title of pro player or global top.

The higher the win rate, the easier it is for each player to estimate the ratio of the player’s and team’s wins in the face of opponents.

If a hero that you often play has a high Win Rate, it means that the better the player is in mastering the game from the hero that has been controlled. This percentage can be seen by the team winning or losing the match ratio.

The full explanation, Win Rate or WR is the result of the percentage of match wins taking from the number of match rank, classic or brawl in a hero that players often use.

For example, during 10 matches you use the Thamuz hero, you lose 2 times and win 8 times. Later the system will bring up a win rate count of 80%, judging by the ratio of wins and losses.

This calculation also applies to the account statistics Win Rate, the Win Rate will be calculated per season.

How to Fix Mobile Legends Win Rate

For Mobile Legends players, the win rate is quite important. If the win rate is down, it’s not uncommon for players to use backward methods such as the Mobile Legends win rate cheat.

Using backwards methods or cheats is very unsafe to use. Besides being unsafe, apk bot is also an illegal act that can endanger the player’s Mobile Legends account from being banned. Below, Ulingame has prepared several ways to improve the Mobile Legends win rate, which you can use as follows.

In Article, I Want share you about, how to fix your wr in mobile legends.

How to Fix Mobile Legends Win Rate In 2022

1. Play with Pro Friends

Play with Squad Pro Friends

An easy way to fix it can be done by players to increase the win rate or Mobile Legends statistics for the player’s victory, which is to hang out with friends who are pro. If you are happy with pro players, the percentage of wins will be higher and can improve the winrate.

2. Using the Best Hero

Using the Best Hero Mobile Legends

Hero is one of the important bases for playing Mobile Legends. By using the best heroes you have, you may be able to show maximum game performance when competing in rank or classic.

Of course, how to fix this ML win rate makes players invincible and makes them stronger, you also have to know about BEST MOBILE LEGENDS HEROES FOR SOLO RANKED At the moment.

3. Using Hero OP Mobile Legends

Using Hero Over Power in Mobile Legends How to Fix Win Rate in Mobile Legends

Using a hero over power will help players master the match, of course, if you already have it, the victory will be yours.

OP heroes usually have high damage. Every season Mobile Legends always updates a hero who can be buffed or even nerfed to change the game meta. While the hero you are using is still OP, keep pushing so that the win rate goes up quickly or you can learn to use a new OP hero.

4. Improve Your Skill

Improve Skill A very basic way to make it easier for you to improve your ML win rate is to increase your skill or ability to play well in a match. This can make it easier for players to win rank or classic.

How to fix the win rate on this one is quite unique, namely by lowering the Mobile Legends tier. Although it sounds strange, but this method is very powerful. Usually players chase higher ranks in order to get exclusive prizes but this method actually lowers the rank.

Because by lowering the Mobile Legends tier, you will get a fairly easy opponent, so it can be easier to increase the win rate.

6. Play Classic Mode

If you want to improve the win rate quickly without lowering the rank, that is playing in classic mode, the solution. Because playing in enemy classic mode is quite easy compared to ranked play.

The reason why getting easy opponents in classic mode is because in classic mode usually many players are learning to use new heroes that have just been obtained or purchased. So you can win matches easily and improve your account win rate faster.

7. Smooth Internet Connection

The above method will be more effective if you use a stable or smooth internet connection. Even though the internet is not that fast, at least using a connection is fairly smooth and stable to play Mobile Legends. If your connection is slow or slow, it can interfere with the game, there will be a lag.

8. Create a New Account

The next way to fix the win rate is that you create a new Mobile Legends account. This method is very good for those of you who want a high win rate to win easily and quickly.

9. Hire Jockey Services

The last way to fix is ​​rent JOKI SERVICE is the easiest way and the fastest option, but players have to pay quite a lot to hire the services of a jockey in order to improve the win rate.

A jockey service is someone who will play your Mobile Legends account to play in order to improve the win rate. Of course the person is a pro and can guarantee that all account win rates will increase as well as user account rankings.