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How To Save Money Sakura School Simulator In 2022


How To Save Money Sakura School Simulator In 2022 - How To Save Money Sakura School Simulator In 2022

The money in Sakura School Simulator is like money in general. You can use the money in the game to buy things however you want.

For EARNING MONEY it is very easy to get. It’s just a matter of knowing the place where you can get it. If you get a lot of money, of course, the desire to keep it is very high so it doesn’t get lost.

If the player does not save it, then when the player logs back into the Sakura School Simulator game, the money that the player has earned will disappear. Very loved, right? Well, below, Ulingame has prepared how to properly prepare money in Sakura School Simulator so it doesn’t get lost as follows.

How To Save Money In Sakura School Simulator

After successfully getting a lot of money in Sakura School Simulator, don’t forget to save it or in the tube in the slot that is already available. This way is useful so that when you log in, the money that has been obtained will not be lost. Here’s how to properly deposit money in slots.

Click the Save icon

Press Menu Save How to Save Money in Sakura School Simulator

Click on the Save menu at the top right of the screen.

Choosing Slots

Selecting a Storage Slot

After you click save, a pop-up will appear as shown below. Please select a slot with an empty number. If you have, press OK.

Save Completed

Saving Successfully How To Save Money In Sakura School Simulator

The last way is that a Save Completed notification will appear. Now the money you have got has been successfully stored safely and will not be lost.

How to Find Sakura Building ID

Looking for building ID How to Save Money In Sakura School Simulator

How to find and enter the Sakura School Simulator building using ID the method is quite easy. For the steps you just see below.

Enter the game Sakura Schol Simulator.

After that open the menu and select Chara & edit item.

Then select the props menu then just select save 1 (can be replaced as desired using which save)

Next select Search by Props ID

Enter the building ID then press OK.

Follow the arrows to go to the building you have been looking for Done, the building is already in the player’s Sakura School Simulator game.

That’s the way to find a place for Sakura School Simulator via ID. Please follow the steps above so that players can use the building ID in Sakura School Simulator correctly. To save the above place so you don’t lose it, the method is very easy. Players simply refer to the method below until the end.

How to Save Building ID

Saving Building ID After successfully searching for buildings in Sakura School Simulator, either making your own or using an ID as above, it certainly requires players to save it so that the results of the building are not lost.

The way to save a place in Sakura School Simulator is actually quite easy. Make sure the player has saved the props beforehand and remembers what number the building has been saved (for example, save 1, save 2 and so on). Next, players just have to save on your Sakura School Simulator as usual.

After you finish saving, that way the building ID that you have created will not be lost. To open the building above you have made, the way is for players to just load the props, then choose to save at what number.