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9 Fast Ways to Push Rank Sausage Man In 2022 - 9 Fast Ways to Push Rank Sausage Man In 2022

In the Sausage Man game, the Battle Royale genre, has the same rank system as the Battle Royale game in general, there are 7 levels that players must go through. At each rank contains 5 more tiers the player must go through. So even to get the top tier, it seems very difficult, Players must be active in playing Sausage Man Classic mode, whether it’s squad, duo or solo rank.

The Sausage Man rank rating system itself is actually different from other games that have adopted a similar class division. In the game Sausage Man there is a point. This point will affect the rank of each player. The more No. 1 Of All Party Kings, the higher rank points will be obtained.

Not many Sausage Man players find it difficult to rank up, because it requires consistency, endurance so that the rank doesn’t drop. There are also players who actually have a Sausage Man account, but increase the number of accounts so they can enjoy how exciting it is to raise the rank from the lowest to the highest Sausage Man.

Therefore, Ulingame has prepared how to quickly push Sausage Man’s rank in the fastest way that you can do even though you are still a beginner.

How to Quickly Push Rank Sausage Man
Not easy to get No. 1 Of all the Kings of the Party or the winner of the battle in the Sausage Man game, here Ulingame will share 9 quick ways to rank up Sausage beginners to pro players below.

1. Get off at a deserted location

Avoid Crowded Places For those of you who are just starting to play Sausage Man, Ulingame recommends not getting off at crowded locations on the Rainbow Island map such as the Ranbow Temple area, Nori Temple, Cask Hill, Holy Land and Honey Valley. For players who are still fairly newbies, you should never try to get down in that area because in that area it is synonymous with good opponents.

The reason is quite simple, if you can’t understand the mapping system and can’t know the opponent’s position from the sound of his feet. This will make you tosoon or die faster. For push rank, if you die at the beginning of the battle it can result in very bad points and the rank will not increase.

2. Use the Best Weapons

Use the Best Weapons Actually this method applies at any rank. There are two weapon slots in Sausage Man, try to combine melee and ranged weapons.

BEST WEAPONS you can use long range weapons such as Sniper, Marksman Rifle, and Assault Rifle weapons. Make melee use Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun and Shotgun.

3. Play with Friends

Play With Friends How To Quickly Push Rank Sausage Man The next powerful way is that you have to play together with friends to do push rank. The goal is to make it easier to get information by communicating well even though teammates are not nearby and can more easily complete missions quickly. Of course, this method is very effective for fast push rank Sasuage Man.

4. Improve Individual Gameplay

Improve Individual Gameplay How To Quickly Push Rank Sausage Man
Working together with teammates when playing Sausage Man is one of the main factors, but individual skills are no less important. Carry in the team is needed in order to relieve team members, especially when someone is knocked out. In addition, the number of teams that are still alive in battle is very helpful for knowing the opponent’s position and killing him.

5. Kill at least 5 people

Kill at least 5 people, how to quickly push the rank of Sausage Man Getting a kill is one of the most important factors for quickly increasing rank, because it can get big points so that players can level up faster. With a total of 5 kills, it is the safest point that can be achieved by players.

If a player only ends up at rank 40 when fighting solo rank mode, the minus rating is not too big. It’s possible to get an additional 10 to 15 points.

6. Positioning

Positioning 1 Quick Way to Push Rank Sausage Man Always position yourself correctly, look for unusual routes and avoid open fields. There may be many teams looking for a safe place, so you need to avoid open areas to protect yourself from enemy attacks.

7. Learn Map

Learn Map 2 Each map has its own character, for example the Rainbow Island map which is quite famous for its bars. In addition, players can also learn places that can be used to be safe when push rank Sausage Man.

8. Setting Graphics & Setting Control

Setting Contol Settings And Graphics How To Quickly Push Sausage Man Rank Set your most comfortable settings to play without gaps. Adjusting the graphics is also a quick way to push rank, because this can make you not late in responding to map conditions and comfortable control settings.

9. Push Rank Time

Sausage man rank will be reset every season. The most ideal time to push the Sausage Man rank is at the beginning of the season. Players should be diligent in the first week of the new season because it will be easier for you to get high ranks quickly. Avoid pushing ranks too often when approaching the end of the season because the point difference between players is too large and you will have difficulty increasing the rank.